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Start winning more contracts by providing more comprehensive estimates. Try the robust and easy-to-use tool and get amazing results.

What is SCOPO?

SCOPO is an efficient, convenient, and robust tool for preparing proposals. Its main goals are to optimize the estimation process and increase your proposal win rate. SCOPO incorporates the most in-demand features to help you create better proposals more efficiently than you can with Excel or other programs.

Substantial growth requires professional tools.

Increase your chance of winning contracts by 35%.

SCOPO’s UX design, based on our experience and that of 50+ clients, provides you with a more convenient way to estimate project costs, with well-designed data visualization.

Both parties can update data in real time during the negotiation process. This gives you speed, transparency and an advantage over competitors to win contracts.

Decrease the time to prepare proposals by three times.

SCOPO has a set of templates for different roles to let you speed up the work on proposals. No need for extra design.

SCOPO transforms your data into a presentation with efficient UX design, allowing the delivery manager to present a complete proposal quickly.

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Decrease estimate preparation time and win your best contract

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All teamwork in one platform.

SCOPO enables your employees and a client to work on the estimate in a single platform and preserves the history of all changes to the proposal.

Thanks to comprehensive roles and permissions management, experts can see and change only the information related to their responsibilities. SCOPO’s analytics tools offer you a better understanding of your company’s capabilities and results.

0% chance of an error

No more need to double-check all formulas and numbers in your Excel. Clear UI and straightforward flow do not give any chance to have wrong numbers because of an error.

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